# Cool 11+ Halloween Drawings ideas for this 31st October 2020

Halloween Drawings ideas for this 31st October 2020: Download simple Halloween drawings ideas for this season from this post. Halloween is a fun filled festival celebrated by people during the month of October on 31st. People dress as freaky characters while kids are high on candies which they got from trick or treating. Friends get together to share scary stories and watch horror films together. Saints and dead relatives are remembered on Halloween and some even light candles in the graves of the departed. You can see jack-o-lanterns carved out of pumpkins and frightening pranks are played on each other. We have given some Halloween Easy Drawing ideas for this season.

Roots of the festival: The holiday has its roots in the Celtic festival “Samhain”. Celebrated over 2000 years ago, Samhain was a festival which was celebrated mainly to calm down the spirits. The ghosts were assumed to break the barrier between their world and our world on the midnight of 31st October. From November 1, winter season started and the Celtics believed that their fortunes can be read when boundary between the two worlds fall apart. They were afraid that the spirits would do them harm. So they tried to appease the spirits by offering sacrifices made of crops and animals to them. They protected themselves by wearing masks made of animal skin.

Halloween Drawings ideas for this 31st October 2020

Halloween Drawing Ideas for toddlers
Halloween Drawing Ideas for toddlers

Halloween- a community festival: Christians started celebrating this festival when Pope Gregory III announced 1st November as “All Saints Day”. Halloween came from All Hallows eve which was celebrated on the eve of October 31st. The festival which had its foundation in mysterious supernatural belief later became a community festival. People from a community joined together and enjoyed Halloween.

Keeping in mind the concept of Halloween, we have offered some useful tips and ideas on how to draw for Halloween. You can choose any idea from this article and draw an image easily without any hassle. The drawing ideas are in close relation to Halloween which is based on magic, mystery and paranormal beliefs.

Friendly ghost or eerie ghoul?

What comes to our minds first when we think about Halloween? Scary, mysterious things right. Nothing can be more mysterious than death. We are always curious to know more about death and what happens to us after death. So for this Halloween you can draw images of ghosts and spirits. Ghost can be drawn in different manners like a friendly ghost (remember Casper) or a bloodcurdling ghoul.


Frightening Pumpkin jack-o-lanterns

There is the tradition of carving lanterns from pumpkins. This carving faces into the lantern dates back to the Celts but they used turnips instead of pumpkins. They carved faces and placed lamp inside the hollowed out turnip in order to show way for the good souls. There is also a famous tale called “Stingy Jack” popular in England from which the term “Jack-o-lantern” came. Draw these pumpkin lanterns with a scary face in it to startle your neighbors.

From Spine chilling skeleton to Hideous Spiders

Draw a scary skeleton sketch to make your friends shudder with chills. Skeleton symbolizes death and fits the bill perfectly for festival honoring the dead. You can even draw skulls and human heads with blood oozing out. If you want to keep it simple just draw a skeleton in black background.

Hideous looking spiders occupy an important part in Halloween images and it is very easy to draw them. Spiders scare most people easily and hence are the best choice if you are preparing a handmade card to give to your friends on Halloween. Add features to your sketch with cobwebs and dark walls.

Easy to draw Monstrous Witches

Witches can be drawn in various kinds. They can be drawn to look silly to downright spooky. With pointy hat, wart filled face you can add many other scary features according to your imagination. Be sure to draw broomsticks, the personal transport vehicle of the witches and celebrate a happy Halloween.

Blood sucking vampires, Zombies

Want to make your drawing scarier? Have your pick from the long list of petrifying ghouls like vampires; zombies and famous characters like Frankenstein etc. There is much information available on how to draw them perfectly. If you can think of anything freaky, then add them to your drawings since Halloween is all about spooky things.

Make your Halloween memorable with these easy drawing ideas given here and send some chills down other’s spine with these image ideas

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