Halloween Activities ideas 2020 for Toddlers, Kids, Preschoolers, 1 Years old: Hello friends, We are going to give a numerous Halloween Halloween activities ideas for the Toddlers, 2 years old. These ideas are simple and easy to implement. But first of all, we would like tell you about History of Halloween. So here we go, Halloween is indeed an annual holiday which is observed every year on October 31st. It got its identity with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when the people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off the ghosts.

Going back to history, Halloween is new and spooky with its description when we move back a thousand years back. This holiday has morphed from a relatively eerie night of superstition to the playful, family-centric celebration which is well known today.

Why is Halloween Celebrated: It’s roughly around 2000 years back at the end of October which is always marked as a perfect time of the year for Europeans. They celebrate the festival of Samhain, observing the end of the summer harvest season and the beginning of the winter. With some spooky twist, they believe that the night before November 1st is the time when the dead returned to the earth as a ghost. For that, they lit the bonfires of evil spirits in the hope of keeping away bad vibes for the wintertime. The saints who gave these great ideas were referred to as hallows.

For celebrating this, there were many traditions followed like dressing in costume and bobbing for apples, evolved during the middle ages, eventually making its way to the 19th century America. Irish and Scottish immigrants began to revive these customs in early colonial times as then the shortened “Halloween” came to existence. In the day early partiers would often dress in costume to keep away any evil spirits before all saints day. On the eve the villagers would wear masks to avoid being recognized by the ghosts they believed were walking around the town.

Halloween Activities ideas for Toddlers, Kids, Preschoolers


Toddlers are quite small to understand things. So it is always preferred to help them with creating best and fun-filled Halloween ideas for making it the best to enjoy. Let’s have a look at some tricks and treats for toddlers to make Halloween best of the festival for toddlers.

1. You can take them on a Halloween walk

For that, you can move to a nearby farm where there are huge pumpkins and carry one or two to make Halloween crafts on them. Then making a pumpkin gak activity was perfect with making it loaded with sensory fun for my toddlers and can be a great way to play during the fall and Halloween. Materials that you can use in this are like pumpkin, cornstarch, water, under the bed tub. The gak is a quite exciting project for kids and mostly for toddlers. This is sometimes also called the Oobleck. For making it, you can use two parts, cornstarch, and one part water. Then pour the gak under the bed tub along with the pumpkins and some kitchen utensils.

2. You can also check out with a Halloween egg hunt

For this, you can use the easter eggs with putting Halloween stickers on that and make it more festive to the occasion. You can even give egg designed Halloween stocked candies else can fill the eggs with other things that are often loved by toddlers.

3. Take your toddlers for a jack-o- lantern display

On the day there would be stalls around the city with the jack-o- lantern display. You can carry your toddlers to the place and help them enjoy the party outside with candies and cupcakes specially designed for Halloween.

4. Can take your child to a local trunk or treat

You can make your toddlers to the nearby chest or manage locations, and their people decorate their car trunks, and kids move from car to car for taking pictures as well as collecting candies.

5. Host a B.Y.O.P party

The B.Y.O.P parties are the ones where kids bring their pumpkins and color or carve them. These can be quite interesting for the kids when they will color themselves as well as pumpkin.

6. Take online creative ideas to make the best of Halloween

Take some best ideas from online sources like Pinterest and try your hands on them to help your kids get best out of it. You can make the ghosts using the paper plates and cotton balls. Next can cut a potato into the shape of a pumpkin and then paint it orange so that kids can stamp them with various posters or their choice and turn those to fun crafts.

Even there are many more that you can add from your ideas to make a particular Halloween party for your toddlers in the best way possible. So try the best and enjoy the best of Halloween.