# Latest 22+ Cool Pumpkin carving Ideas Patterns for 2020


Cool Pumpkin carving ideas Patterns 2020Our curiosity is always triggered by things that we don’t understand like death and paranormal things. We are also easily scared by things of such sort. That is how myths are born. Many rituals and festivals are closely associated with myths. One of such kind is Halloween. Halloween is a popular festival which springs out of a myth which has its roots in Celtic people.

Celtic people believed that spirits roam the earth on the midnight of 31st October. They thought that wearing masks can prevent them from being harmed by the evil souls. Later this ritual merged with All Hallows’ Eve followed by Christians. That is how Halloween came into existence. Pumpkin carving is a tradition which is followed during Halloween. In this post, you can know about Cool Pumpkin carving ideas Patterns.

Cool Pumpkin carving ideas Patterns

Cool pumpkin carving ideas
Cool pumpkin carving ideas

Carving the jack-o-lanterns can be considered as a way in which we remember our ancestors. The only difference is they used turnips while we use pumpkins. They carved the lanterns to guide the good spirits and ward off the evil doing ones. We do it for having fun. There are many ideas to carve a pumpkin. You can go with simple ones or you can carve pumpkin by adding extra features. To learn more about cool pumpkin carving Stencils & Templates Designs, then continue reading till the end.

Carve your pumpkin with your pet’s face

If you have a pet dog or cat or any other animal, then you can carve your pumpkin to look like your pet’s face. It will look very cool on your porch. All you have to do is print out a template of your pet and trace it out on your pumpkin. Then start carving and enjoy the festival.

Cool Pumpkin carving ideas Patterns

Ditch the traditional ghost and go for emoji ghost!

Traditional scary ghost is good. But what will make your jack-o-lantern cool is an emoji ghost. The pattern is available and since emojis are famous nowadays, your friends and guests will be thrilled to see it.

Carving ideas inspired from TV shows

Carving your pumpkin to look like a famous TV show personality is quite popular nowadays. You can choose a personality you like and try to carve the pumpkin with the help of templates. It is a little tricky and hard task. But the look on your guest’s face will make you forget the pain you underwent to carve it perfectly.

Simple but elegant Polka dot pattern

Sometimes simple things are more beautiful than complicated patterns. Make your jack-o-lantern look lovely with the simple yet elegant Polka dot pattern. It will be very easy but look so great.

Cool Pumpkin carving ideas Patterns

Hair rising pumpkin carving patterns

It is Halloween guys! No time will be perfect to scare your neighbors like now. Give goose bumps to your friends by carving spooky images out of your pumpkin. You have abundant options to go with. A simple face with sharp teeth will scare the hell out of others. If you are creative carve an unearthly face on your pumpkin. From monstrous castles to goofy witches, there are lots of eerie carving patterns available.

Let your imagination run wild when you are trying to carve your pumpkin. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to carving pumpkin. Have a great Halloween with these cool pumpkin carving ideas patterns. So friends if you really like this post you can also share with your loved ones and with family members on facebook and Pinterest.


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