Latest 5+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Small Pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Small Pumpkins: Download the out of the box patterns designs and tips pumpkin carving ideas for Small pumpkins for your family members friends and loved ones. It is the time of the year when friendly ghouls float past you. Bloodthirsty vampires are out on the hunt Witches are prepping cauldrons to concoct a mix of some heady magical potions. Yes, you guessed it right! It is Halloween!

Whilst you’re out shopping for candy for the trick or treaters, I am sure you had a ball shopping for the perfect wig to go with your witch costume’s pointy hat and of course, who can forget the broom for your grand exit as you fly away cackling in the moonlight? Also, great job on finding a chaperone at the last moment to accompany your kids on their Halloween jaunt.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Small Pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Small Pumpkins
Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Small Pumpkins

However, aren’t we still forgetting something? Oh my God! The pumpkins! You forgot to buy the large sized shiny pumpkin with just the right shade of orange i.e a tinge which comes between a tangerine and a carrot which would adorn your doorway, be the envy of the neighborhood and could be be seen from outer space and become the next viral thing NASA would report.

The store’s all out of the large pumpkins and you find yourself staring at a sorry bunch of small pumpkins who are sitting out there morose, like the dorky kid who never gets picked in gym. Now that puts a shadow on your bright jack-o’-lantern dreams. Or, does it? Do we really need a large pumpkin to carve our dreams or do we carve our own Halloween success story? I say, buy the whole lot!

Fairy lights and hang them on your doorway: There are tons of creative ideas you could spin like a pro with little pumpkins. Rather than having a massive jack-o’-lantern, you could string them all through fairy lights and hang them on your doorway or across your fireplace or window sill. You could perhaps brush the insides with a little flame resistant shiner, put in a scented candle in each pumpkin and place them on your mantle as they liven up the living room.

Tiny jack-o’lanterns: Tiny jack-o’lanterns also serve as a great garden ornament. you could create your own little fairy tale by handing a few lanterns to your garden gnome. Mini jack-o’-lanterns could be lined on either side of your walkway making a wonderful delightful welcome for your Halloween guests. If you’re short of fairy lights, you could just brush your pumpkins with a little neon glow in the dark paint. You could also recycle your old hula hoop by winding your tiny jack-o’-lanterns around it strung with fairy lights, Add a few leaves or twigs or maybe even a tiny skull and voila! you have just made yourself a selfie frame!

Use your frosting nozzles to carve: Carving a tiny pumpkin is a challenging task but we have got our own expert tricks. You may scoop out the flesh using a tiny spoon. Great creative with the craving. You may use your frosting nozzles to carve out the eyes and a toothy grin. You can also sketch a stencil on a pumpkin and carefully burn the surface using a lighted incense stick. You may also blacken the edges of the grin and eyes giving the lantern a burnt and ravaged look. If you are feeling more adventurous, fish out that Swiss army knife and work your imagination to the fullest.

You will find that this is an ideal way to indulge in some fun Halloween preparations. It would be no surprise if your teeny tiny jack-o’-lanterns would become the talk of the town. So here’s to your revelry this festive season with your mini jack-o’-lanterns. So guys if you love these Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Small PumpkinsĀ then share with your loved ones.

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