Pumpkin Carving Ideas Kids Friendly Safety tips for 31st october 2020

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2020 Safety tips & Ideas for 31st October: Get the best safety ideas for design pumpkin carving ideas and patterns for your toddlers, child, preschooler, one-year child youths for 31st October 2019. We know that Children are considered to be the most excited during occasions and love to participate or watch different activities and preparations that are to be carried out. One such occasion is the Halloween where people are required to carve pumpkins and come out with interesting and unique designs. Pumpkin carving for many can be an entertaining hobby.

However, some necessary precautions are to be taken to ensure that the little ones can have immense fun as well as a safe Halloween experience.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas Safety tips & Ideas for 31st October 2020

Happy Halloween Background Images with pumpkin and bats
Happy Halloween Background Images
  • Artificial lights: If you seek a secure and safe way to light up the pumpkin, then you can check out attractive artificial lights that do make fabulous alternatives to candles. There are many stores that do offer inexpensive battery operated artificial lights, designed for pumpkins. You can also come across pumpkin lights that can be plugged into the wall. Cut notch from the pumpkin’s back to allow electric cord into the wall socket.
  • Safety from sharp tools: To carve pumpkins, there will be required different types of sharp tools such as knives and saws. Hence, necessary precautions are to be taken while using such tools to avoid mishaps. Safety first is the general rule to be followed if pets and children are around. Also carving should not be done at the last moment or in a rush to avoid unwanted accidents.
  • Gutting pumpkin properly: An essential safety tip to be followed is to ensure that pumpkin is required to be gutted properly. Also, make sure that no hanging pulp is present within the pumpkin which otherwise may catch fire.
  • About candle safety: If candles are to be used in the pumpkin, then certain essential safety tips are to be followed:
    • To ensure that the lit candle is attended to all the time and never left alone.
    • Place candles within a glass jar, and this within the pumpkin. This way, the candle is provided with additional stability by the glass jar.
    • Create a chimney within the pumpkin. The chimney is rather a hole which is cut out at the upper back portion of the pumpkin. Its function is to develop an area to allow the passing of heat from a flame of the candle out of the pumpkin.
    • Cut pumpkin bottom out vs. the top. A candle can be placed on the floor and have the pumpkin to sit over it. It pumpkin bottom is to be cut out, then ensure that the candle gets placed on the secure floor to avoid catching of fire.
    • While gutting the pumpkin, ensure that its bottom is fully flat. This, in turn, can offer a more secure base for placing the candle on.
    • Never use candles in the artificial pumpkin: This is because they are highly flammable. In such cases, it is better to use artificial lights to light the pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving can become an exciting activity for the whole family if the above safety tips and carving ideas are taken.

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