Top 5+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2020 for Covid-19 & Asymptomatic Patients

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2020 for Covid-19 & Asymptomatic Patients: The globe has been majorly beleaguered over the last one year with the pandemic situation. The corona virus has brought about major changes to lifestyles. The pandemic ruthlessly continues to spread while creating a major distance and divide among humanity. The new normal continues with a morose mood. However, this doesn’t mean that we hamper the holiday spirit.

This Halloween, let us spread positive energy and make Halloween celebrations inclusive for the covid 19 affected patients while maintaining social distance. We present some pumpkin carving ideas for covid 19 affected patients.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2020 for Covid-19 & Asymptomatic Patients


Cheering a Family member

Nothing can be more heartbreaking than learning that a family member has been affected by a virus. Not only is the distance painful, the uncertainty of the situation is a harrowing time for family members. However, no matter how adverse the situation may be having a positive attitude goes a long way into a successful recovery. If the patient is hospitalized, you could carve some pumpkins with cheerful faces and motivational quotes, string them with fairy lights and request the hospital staff to place them in their room.

You could place a speaker in one of the pumpkins and connect it via Bluetooth so that you may play their favourite music for them or record a thoughtful message for them. you could also place a scented candle or potpourri in the pumpkins so that the room has a refreshing smell and overpowers the tiring smell of the disinfectant.

Cheering an isolated patient

While making a jack-o’-lantern surprise may not be ideal for all cases, you could also arrange for a social distance surprise. You could make a fabulous and cheerful display of jack-o’-lanterns revolving around the covid 19 theme. you could perhaps make a display of a responsible pumpkin washing its hands in a pumpkin basin or pumpkins with face masks.

Also, include some hilarious pumpkins with some funny messages written by your family members. Make a video of this and send it to your family member. I am sure that a thoughtful message like this would give them the motivation to beat the covid and join their family asap.

Late evening surprise

You could plan this with your family. Make all of your family members carve out pumpkins in the most creative way possible. Make sure that the pumpkins are bright and cheerful. You could add some glitter or shiny paint. You can place some bright lights or candles in the pumpkins. Take a trip to the hospital and stand by the window of your family member with the jack-o’lanterns.

I am sure that they would be overwhelmed with this starry display. It will make them feel closer to you. You could also perhaps attach a light weight tiny jack-o’-lantern attached to a Helium balloon and string it such that it floats outside their window. It would be a delightful view for them.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2020 Stencils Templates Patterns Faces for this Halloween
Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2020 Stencils Templates Patterns Faces for this Halloween

This Halloween do not isolate your family members affected by the covid 19. Make sure that they are included in the celebrations as long as you follow the social distance protocols. We wish you a happy and safe Halloween. So friends, if you really love these Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2020 for Covid-19 & Asymptomatic Patients then share this ideas with your loved ones and family members.

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